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Zack Wallin: The Route One Interview
Zack Wallin: The Route One Interview
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Zack Wallin: The Route One Interview

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  • By Route One
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Our world famous interviews are back! After taking a short break to catch our breath (and recover from celebrating reaching that magical 100 milestone with our Tony Hawk and Eric Koston double header) we're finishing the year with an exclusive series of enjoi chats, kicking things off with the one and only Zack Wallin!


In the country back in August for the phenomenally successful enjoi 'Breaking Rad' tour, and fresh from securing first place in Thrasher Magazine's interminably rad 'King of the Road', San José native Zack sat down with us in the lobby of a rather snazzy Mancunian hotel to discuss the highs and lows of KOTR, his construction site instilled work ethic, getting on enjoi and so much more.


Once you've enjoyed this we implore you to stay tuned as we take you pretty much up to Christmas with this series. We've definitely got a few surprises and revelations in store; trust us when we say these are a few interviews you're really not going to want to miss!


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