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The Sustainable Route

We’ve got one shot at protecting our planet, we’re all in this together. At Route One, we’re aware that we have a big responsibility to acknowledge and reduce our impact as a business wherever possible. Because of this, we’re working hard to reduce our environmental footprint and bring you products that literally don’t cost the earth. We’re not fully sustainable (yet) – but we’re doing our best to find the right route forward for our planet and everyone who depends on it.

Sustainability Stories

Sustainability Stories

Paper Packaging

As part of our journey to find a more sustainable route forward, we’ve replaced our old plastic packaging with 100% recyclable paper bags for both online and in-store purchases. Our Sustainable Route bags are produced using FSC certified materials, which promote responsible forest management. Re-purposing or recycling the bags is best to reduce demand for new raw materials and the energy used to make them. However, the bags are also fully compostable and will break down naturally without polluting the environment.

Changing our packaging is a first step in the right direction, but there are still improvements to be made and we are currently working with our suppliers to take the next steps to eliminate the non-degradable plastic from our garment packaging.

Recycling with Route One

Recycling with Route One

Our Deckcycle Scheme

Bring us your old, broken and battered boards and we’ll give them a happy retirement! Deckcycle schemes run across all of our Route One stores, and we’ll even give you £5 off a new deck to say thanks for choosing to recycle. 

Just ask for a Deckcycle discount when you recycle a board at your local store. Find your nearest Route One store here.

Sadly, around 2 million skateboards end up in landfill each year in the US alone. On that basis, we estimate that 350,000 end up in landfill in the UK. That doesn’t sit right with us, and so we set about making sure skateboards could be repurposed instead, reducing the strain put on our planet and its natural resources.

We got in contact with some brilliantly creative skaters in Scotland who have set up workshops dedicated to breathing life into old decks. Danny at re:ply skateboards transforms the decks we send him into newly skate-able boards and deck-art. Cat and Andy at No Comply Jewellery make jewellery and homeware from the offcuts.

It's not just skateboards that get recycled. Across our Head Office, warehouse and stores, we also try to ensure that no unnecessary waste is sent to landfill. Our main goal is reducing the waste we produce in the first place and then reusing and recycling wherever possible. We also make sure that unsold or faulty stock either gets auctioned for charity, donated or recycled.

Shoe Recycling

Shoe Recycling

"Reuse-A-Shoe" in Route One Stores

We’re rolling out “Reuse-A-Shoe”, in partnership with Nike SB, to Route One stores. Bring in your old worn-out shoes and we’ll give them new life by transforming them into Nike Grind - a material used to make everything from new shoes to playgrounds. We'll take any brand of athletic shoe, but we're unable to recycle sandals, boots or studded trainers.

Not only does recycling your old shoes help to reduce landfill waste, but it also supports the transition towards a circular economy - where today’s products can become tomorrow’s resources, therefore reducing their strain on the planet.

If you would like a replacement pair of shoes, we'll give you a £5 discount to say thank you for choosing to recycle. Just ask for a "Reuse-A-Shoe" discount when you recycle your trainers in store.

Positive change can’t happen without transparency, so we’re working with our suppliers to raise levels of traceability. The nature of the retail industry can make it very difficult to trace the supply chain from farm to factory to retailer. A key problem is the lack of standardisation, as information is exchanged between various parts of the supply chain. We are committed to addressing this problem and encouraging greater openness and traceability from our partners.

If you have any further questions about Route One’s social and environmental responsibility, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sustainability Projects Team at

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