Blobys Instagram Remix

Posted by Route One on 18th January 2016

The instagram famed Parisian crew 'Les Blobys' have compiled all of their favorite instagram clips from each of the humans involved, featuring all the best liked videos since, well since the crew started.
15 minutes or so of pure French obscurity through the medium of skateboarding.
If you're not very well acquainted with the Bloby's, it's a crew birthed by the perfectly formed granite ledges and flat ground of République plaza in Paris, surrounded by oddly shaped wooden lounge benches, long slappy curbs and Romanian gypsies, it's the perfect habitat for the Bloby's crew to thrive...

Edited by Hadrien Buchannic, Gregoire Cuadrado, Paul Grund, Valentin Jutant, Karl Salah and Kevin Rodrigues bring an onslaught to the hardest variations of, wall rides, freestyle-esque flat ground maneuvers and wallies you'll have set you eyes on to date.
With the internet loving the newest viral video content, i.e. > Mike Arnold doing a 540 out of a slappy < this clip along with the original instagram videos are guaranteed to get at least 50 likes, as well as pleasuring you and your mates eye balls.

Watch some pure Parisian skateboarding goodness, ingest it, digest it and then go make some rad instagram clips.




Insta Remix from LesBlobys on Vimeo.