Charlie Munro "Last Orders" Part

Posted by Route One on 2nd January 2018

Considering Charlie took a 5 year break from skateboarding between the ages of 13-18, arguably the most vital time for progression in your average skater’s life, he’s doing pretty bloody good.

After seeing the amount of content Charlie has put out over the past two years the last thing we expected was for him to be working on a full part for Get Lesta’s rumoured last full length “Last Orders”. What makes it even more absurd is the quality of the footage. We have no doubt that Callun Loomes, Get Lesta’s mastermind dictator, must have helped spur this on with his pushy, almost slave driver like tactics.

We can only speculate on how this part came to be, however one thing that’s certain is Charlie has been carrying out an all-out assault on the streets of the UK and beyond. Click the link below and feast your eyes on some of our best home-grown street skaters.