Chris Jones: 365 Days On Planet Earth

Posted by Route One on 18th January 2018

The faultless relationship between Jacob Harris and Isle skateboards continues apace with the latest release from the brand, mere days after Thrasher dropped episode six of Atlantic Drift.

Sure, Atlantic Drift isn't officially an Isle production but the aesthetic (and majority of the cast) fall firmly in line with Isle established artistic direction and the pattern is wholeheartedly continued in this brand new two part release through Free Magazine.

The focus, in its entirety, rests squarely on the shoulder's of Isle's Welsh connection Chris Jones and it's with strength and beauty that he carries the responsibilities within. Given the high esteem with which the brand currently finds itself held, it would be understandable for lesser men to crumble under the pressure and put out a much weaker collection of footage (especially when the mere one year time frame for filming is considered). Not Chris Jones. No, here is a man who takes hype and expectation and delivers far in excess of the wildest dreams of us, the viewing audience. Here is a man that pushes boundaries in UK skateboarding and produces a part of ambidextrous skateboarding the likes of which we rarely see this side of the pond. Here is a man than skates like a beast in the gnarliest of surroundings. 

Here is a man you need to watch right now!