Cristian Vannella’s Insane Euro Tech

Posted by Route One on 5th February 2014

We very nearly linked you Chaz Ortiz’s Berrics' 'Battle Commander' this week. Not only was the skating out of this world but the Frank Sinatra soundtrack made for an absolute peach of a clip.

However, as we figured you must’ve already seen it, we decided to show you the skating (in very much a similar vein) of Spanish tech ‘god’ Cristian Vannella from his recent stay at the DC Embassy.

The level of technical prowess on show is only matched by the number of NBD’s contained within this clip. We do however suggest that you dig out a Frank Sinatra song (or something else that’ll make the best audio visual entertainment combo as far as you're concerned) because sadly somebody has let the Embassy’s video editor near the Pop-rap again; the accompanying track might well make your ears bleed!

vanella music ok from THE DC EMBASSY on Vimeo.