Gunes Ozdogan

Posted by Route One on 21st April 2016

Get rid of the long sleeve tees and throw out your highwater pants, if you’re not rocking adidas three stripe trackies in 2016 you’re really not on point!

Swedish adidas rider Gunes Ozdogan is at the forefront of the trouser game right now and he’s also doing pretty well in the old skateboarding stakes; this clip, hosted through the Free Skateboarding Mag website, and focussing on his recent stay in Valencia with VX aficionado Alex Marco.

As adidas’ long awaited first full length ‘Away Days’ nears completion, everyone and their dog in the industry is jumping on the hype bandwagon. Gunes is sure to have a stand out role in the production and, as such, Free have wisely got in there quickly and have already wrapped up their interview with him, due to drop next month. Until then you can keep this section on constant repeat, we know that’s what we’ll be doing!