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The Secret Skateboarders

Apr 2016 by Route One

Everybody knows that the BBC produces some of the best journalistic content the world over.  What you may not realise however is that Norway outlawed skateboarding for 11 years through the 70’s and 80’s, citing child deaths in the States as enough cause for concern to warrant an outright ban.

To those of us who have never experienced any harsher a punishment than the local bobby telling us to “do one” skating the village library steps, the very notion that such a positive activity as skateboarding should be deemed illegal seems alien.

The BBC news website once again pushes the boundaries of public interest, delving deep into the personal tales behind this story, interviewing legendary DC pro Henning Braaten and exploring the means of which available for young aficionados to continue their beloved pastime.

Featuring archive photos and sympathetically written, It really is eye opening stuff that’ll hopefully make you appreciate the enlightened times we live in right now. Click below to read.

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