House Of Vans

Posted by Route One on 16th July 2014

So this is the official blurb:

“Building upon an unwavering commitment to creative expression, Vans is pleased to announce the opening of House of Vans London; a unique and participative space for all. As a city synonymous with creativity, diversity and opportunity, the project is proud to call London home. Open to all, and always free, this is your house.

Opening on August 9th and living within one of London’s most iconic spaces, House of Vans London champions creativity and community. Following in the footsteps of House of Vans Brooklyn, yet forging a path of its own, the 3,000sqm venue provides a space like no other; a place for creativity. The music venue, gallery, artist labs, café, cinema and bars lay beneath London’s Waterloo Station, occupying the infamous Old Vic Tunnels and two of the tunnels are dedicated to London’s only permanent indoor skatepark.

As much as it all sounds super rad we definitely like the last bit the  best!