Jamie Foy 'Flat Earth'

Posted by Route One on 13th December 2017

Jamie Foy, the people's champ and brand new Thrasher 'Skater of the Year' closes up 2017 with one of the most opinion splitting parts of the decade! Ty Evan's long awaited follow up to the breathtaking 'We Are Blood' dropped earlier this week and Big Boy Foy's closing part to 'Flat Earth' has caused all kinds of a stir.

Obviously the skating is mind blowing; the freshman Deathwish pro's ability to straddle a banister on his board is second to none and the mesmerising attack unleashed on the rails and hubbas of California is nothing short of astonishing. That El Toro cover is in there, as are a thousand and one other gnarly grind combinations that'll make you wonder if there's anything this lad can't step to.

So, you ask, what's causing the online commotion then? Well, it's Ty editing with his proclivity to cut away before a trick and his over use of the most ear slayingly offensive music this side of his last video! True, tastes are subjective and there's no denying the filming in this is as first rate as the rail chomping. However, we reckon the Slap forum said it best when describing the editing as a skateboard video with hiccups; it's just so bloomin' jumpy!

Regardless of opinions, this is definitely a must see experience coz Foy footage is not to be missed. And make sure you watch through the credits; there's a trick in there that'll genuinely blow your mind. Plus, you never know, you might actually like the way it's put together; somebody has to!

Check it out here.