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Raul Navarro 'Keepin' It Up'
Raul Navarro 'Keepin' It Up'
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Raul Navarro 'Keepin' It Up'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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Spanish ledge god and adidas skateboarding royalty Raul Navarro comes correct yet again with this amazing new part the lads at Free Mag have just shared.


Sants OG Raul has been ruling the Euro tech game for over two decades now and though many of his peers may have settled for Estrellas and strictly chilling down Macba, Raul keeps progressing and its a joy to see him putting out mind bogglingly handsome tech like the tricks in this part.


Filmed and edited by Manuel Aguilar and opening up with doper than dope archive footage, this is a man who knows his art and knows what he wants from his time on a board. There are ledge hammers in here that'll make Shane O'Neill weep and there's every chance something somewhere in the mix will spark a little inspiration in you. You could do a lot worse than watch 3 minutes of stellar Euro tech action, so get on it now as this is seriously proper!

KEEPIN IT UP!! final from Free Skate Mag on Vimeo.

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