Jamie Foy Knows

Posted by Route One on 28th February 2018

Jamie Foy Knows? On the evidence of this clip (and everything else from the past 18 months if we're honest) it appears he certainly does!

Truck adverts are usually pretty short affairs and generally consist of left over footage not considered good enough for either board or shoe sponsor releases. Whilst this clip clocks in at under 2 minutes, confirming its adherence to rule number one, nobody could say with a straight face that this is left over footage in any shape or form!

Insanely kinked handrails as standard, highspeed hill bombing lines and tech gnar to make you go "ooh" - there's a reason Big Boy Foy was Thrasher's SOTY in 2017, and this latest bit of coverage illustrates the Deathwish lad shows no intentions of slowing down at all!