Jamie Thomas: My War

Posted by Route One on 4th June 2015

As just about every skater out there knows; sometimes you properly have to battle for a trick - it could be one hour, it could be three. How many of you though have battled through five visits of numerous hours, aged 40, for a trick on a ledge that could realistically permanently destroy you?

Zero Skateboards founder Jamie Thomas has. Jamie earned the nickname ‘The Chief’ many, many moons ago, perhaps before many of you reading this were born. If there was any doubt in his worth of maintaining such a moniker, his Cold War part should certainly have put that to rest and this story, about his epic Clipper ender, seals the deal for Birmingham, Alabama’s most legendary son.

Jamie epitomises that true grit determination required to succeed. At his age most pro skaters have long since sacked off the idea of putting out a part, let alone one that builds on their legacy by increasing the gnarl factor. Jamie isn’t most pro’s though and far from sitting in an office, getting fat and reaping the rewards of his earlier hard work, he put in the hours to produce some of the greatest skating of his career.

We could talk forever about the Zero boss and how inspirational a human being he is, instead though we’re gonna suggest you just watch this clip. JT is the man!