Justin Drysen 'Gango'

Posted by Route One on 5th April 2017

We're fairly sure that you, the discerning public, are pretty much up to speed with the current zeitgeist of all that is on trend in skateboarding. You are the buyers, the makers and the influencers; in 2017 you don't need the industry to tell you what's on point, you guys decide for yourselves. That said, if you fancy a quick refresher in all that your peers have deemed to be contemporary cool, look no further than Justin Drysen - the lad is the perfect amalgam of everything you'll look for in a skateboarding up-and-comer this spring.

Of course non ironic varial flips make an appearance, his 'fit game is as up to date as can be and the VX1000 format keeps that 90's pastiche as hot as it has been for the past 18 months. But, as much as certain aspects of his on screen persona are as predictable as the ending of an Adam Sandler comedy, the over all creative fun he brings to the table really does translate to a thoroughly enjoyable clip

Ledge tech hammers that most have never considered, are performed with alarming regularity and a mean back three makes a number of appearances; whilst he is never going to be the kind of skater that troubles the street league elite we get the feeling that he couldn't care about this one bit. He is the populist revolt against the established order, he is the new breed that decides what they want to see (not what they're told) and he's a normal kid that's just "alright" at skateboarding - and that's why you don't get much cooler than Justin Drysen right now...