Magnus Borderwick 'Shimmy'

Posted by Route One on 10th January 2018

Numbers Skateboards' Norwegian connection and veritable skateboard viking Magnus Borderwick reminds us all just how much we miss summer with this jealousy inspiring collection of footage filmed at Berlin's amazing Templehof plaza in much sunnier times.

Cruising those ridiculously perfect looking slabs of granite with man's best friend in tow (his dog, not a filmer with a VX) this is everything you want on a cold January day to remind you that we're only a matter of months from balmy mornings, long evenings and (if any of you are as good as Magnus) long cruising lines without even breaking a sweat!

Chuck in the brilliant S. Mos remix of ODB and Lou Donaldson and you have the perfect amalgam of raw street radness and that near perfect smooth chilled sound; pretty much a perfect audio representation of what Magnus had going on down the Hof!