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Paul Luc Ronchetti 'Vert Skating Madman'
Paul Luc Ronchetti 'Vert Skating Madman'
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Paul Luc Ronchetti 'Vert Skating Madman'

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  • By Route One
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For those of you familiar with our own Sam Beckett's journey into the world of high flying professional vert skateboarding, the name Paul Luc Ronchetti should be pretty familiar. Growing up as best mates and travelling the country from their home town of Norfolk to shred any oversized and vertical transitions they could find, the intrepid duo carved quite a name for themselves in the early to mid naughties.

Fast forwarding a few years saw Paul Luc emigrating Stateside and his career has truly blossomed since then. Skating regularly with the likes of Tony Hawk, Elliot Sloan, Alex Perelson and the whole San Diego crew, the constant sunshine and abundance of his favourite terrain has only served to increase his passion for vert skating (and has turned him into one of the world's best along the way!).

The boys at Sidewalk mag have chosen to celebrate his rise to fame with the exclusive hosting of this brand new part and it serves as a perfect example to all up and coming rippers that, no matter where you're from, if you're prepared to put in the graft there's every chance you can make it too (does kinda help being really good though too. Obviously!).

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