Mike Chin Portland Public Skateboarding 2

Posted by Route One on 16th August 2018

How well do you know Mike Chin? Yeah, we know he skates for Volcom and Indy but how well do you really know the dude? Because you should know him like a mother knows her firstborn if the brilliance of this brand new part is anything to go by; the man is the messiah!

'Portland Public Skateboarding 2' is a brand new scene video from Tucker Glasgow and Tristan Brillianceau-Lewis that, not surprisingly, focuses on the Pacific North west and, more specifically, the fantastic city of Portland, OR. If the place sounds familiar, don't be surprised - Portland is home of some insanely radical (if a little rough) street architecture, and Burnside, the most famous DIY on the planet. Few towns have the skate pedigree of Portland and Mike Chin is yet another amazing product of this ever-rad city.

So what's the skating like you ask? Creative. And not creative in the "flick it and hope" Instagram mentality, or the "let's just be weird" vein of Richy Jackson (sick as both those things are). No, this is creative in terms of the way traditional obstacles are approached and the lines he puts together around them. When we say he likely found a 25 new ways to skate Burnside, well, that should tell you everything you need to know!

How well do you know Mike Chin? After you've watched this we reckon you know the man and his mindset pretty damn well. The man is the messiah!