Mockba Life

Posted by Route One on 17th October 2019

Do you follow Manhead on Insta? We really hope you do (and if you don't, you should!). The lad repped Route One hard for the first decade of his career and, now he's moved on into a managerial position at Vans, you really do see some amazing "behind the scenes" industry stuff on his story.

It's because of his regular postings we were aware he'd taken the Euro Vans boys to Russia earlier this summer and hype had been building on the promise of this clip for quite some time. Snippets of tricks, hijinks with the boys and basically everything a down to earth West Yorkshire lad would share with his mates, only in this instance sharing some of the best skaters on the planet doing the do!

Released through Free mag, the Russia clip proper is available to watch in glorious HD right now and it's definitely peaked our interest in a destination we'd never really considered before. Sure, we'd seen Kenny Reed and the boys hit it up around the tun of the millenium but nothing much since; that alone seemed enough for us to discount Moscow as the hub of a skate trip. Seems we were wrong though and, as this video makes patently clear, there are spots upon spots upon spot out there. Evidently you should never sleep on Russia!

But even if the promise of endless granite and bottomless vodka isn't your thing, we're sure stylish tricks and a good time crew are. So sit back, click play and enjoy the clip (and remember to follow Manhead on insta if you haven' done so already!).