Sascha Daley 'WAR And PEACE'

Posted by Route One on 4th April 2019

Wow. Really. Just wow. Yet again Element drop a post 'Peace' part that was every bit as good (if not better) than those in the full vid itself. This full section from Sascha Daley is downright obscene and realistically could have closed any major release in the past five years - it's almost a tragedy that it's a stand alone web part, skating of this level deserves to be saved forever on something tangible like a DVD!

Ok, ok, ok. Hard copy full lengths are yesterday's news to the fans and there's every chance a video will get many more views when released online (especially through Thrasher) but the pro's themselves grew up on this stuff and the honour in appearing in a full length vid is the kind of thing that simply cannot be bought.

Skate politics aside, this part is utterly bonkers and that's all there is to it. We're honestly hard pushed to think of anyone who has gone in as hard in recent months, such is the level of gnar on show. If you like your skateboarding realistic and attainable this isn't for you but if you wanna see somebody put it all on the line and go for broke? Sascha has got you covered in spades!