Silver Trucks Welcome Tiago Lemos

Posted by Route One on 11th June 2014

Brazil may currently be in the news due to the pending football world cup and the Metro strikes being met by overzealous force from the political powers that be but, in this instance anyway, we’re more enthralled by the skateboarding of yet another one of its sons.

Tiago Lemos’ welcome clip to Silver trucks is the most serious of serious business. We’re talking serious pop, we’re talking serious tech – we’re also talking serious balance; the gap to switch back tail he does is, well, seriously serious!

You may well have seen this doing the rounds; it’s one of those clips that is so gobsmacking that it was always gonna go viral. If you haven’t seen it yet you’re definitely missing out: so, just in case you haven’t, we’ve got it here for you now to watch - we’re good to you like that!