Thaynan Costa: The Route One Interview

Posted by Route One on 10th May 2017

Here at Route One we're rather proud of our interview back catalogue and the reputation we've built for ourselves over the years and, without meaning to sound too egotistical, we reckon justifiably so. Every now and again though you have to mix things up to remain fresh and so that's what we've done with this brand new and exclusive chat with enjoi skateboards' latest pro, Thaynan Costa.

Given we were party to the info that Thaynan was due to be promoted prior it actually happening, we got our thinking caps on  to discuss ways in which we could celebrate it in our own unique little manner. Obviously a celebratory interview to coincide with his congratulatory Thrasher part was a no brainer, but with enjoi being the fun-time crew we all know them to be, how could we make this a little different?

Rope in Captain Lou to ask the questions of course! So here we are, honoured to present to you, a collaborative piece with those great folk at enjoi chronicling the life and times of Mr Thaynan Costa, all with that unique Louie Barletta twist. We hope you like it!

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