‘The Brodies’ Section from Aaron Herrington.

Posted by Route One on 12th February 2014

Polar Skate Co and Converse sponsored New Yorker Aaron Herrington comes correct with a short but sweet section from Jeremy Elkin’s new video ‘The Brodies’.

Creative night lines a-plenty and awkward spots get taken apart with stylish abandon in a true ‘East coast’ manner; 360 flips in between moving traffic are not for the faint hearted!

Like every New York based section there are spots you’ll recognise and spots you’ve never seen before, some grim and some smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. All of which get skated in an excitingly quick footed approach that is sure to make you reassess the ‘none-spots’ in your area and perhaps see potential where before you saw nothing at all.

All that from one minute and fifteen seconds of footage cannot be a bad thing!