The National Vid: Pt.1

Posted by Route One on 15th December 2016

The National Skateboard Co released their first full length audio visual offering to much fan fare earlier this year and, now that we've all taken the opportunity to see it in its full length glory, the powers that be behind the brand are releasing it section by section so it's easy for you to find for that pre skate hype!

At the moment of writing R1 rider Josh 'Manhead' Young's amazing end section is yet to be uploaded so we've had to make our pick from the rest of the bunch, plumping for the ever entertaining combo of Vaughn 'MF' Jones and Dave 'Mackey' Mackey.

Both hailing from the North West and both more than at home on crusty terrain, neither Vaughn nor Mackey disappoint with this one. Throw in a cheeky appearance from Kevin Rodrigues and the clip, released in conjunction with Grey Skate Mag, is definitely going to be your first choice for the before-skate build up. Well, that's until Manhead's part gets released; Tingley's most prominently noggined son proves beyond any doubt why his move to the pro ranks was inevitable. Trust us, if you haven't seen it yet, it's gonna blow minds...