Tiago Lemos 'Indy' Part

Posted by Route One on 22nd November 2017

A week or two ago, we called it as a forgone conclusion that Deathwish Skateboards' rookie pro Jamie Foy was the next Thrasher 'Skater of the Year' - we might have jumped the gun a little!

Why? Because high-popping Brazilian Tiago Lemos is back with yet another part and it's safe to say he's staking his claim and then some! Whether you subscribe to the notion of strategic releases in hope of sealing the win (this is through Thrasher and at the back end of November), nobody can deny the fact that the Jaguariuna born DC Shoes representative is topping off one hell of a year with an absolute belter of a section.

With a perma smile, an insane ability to leap and a level of tech that'd puzzle the 'The Storm' era Osiris heads, it's safe to say your boy Tiago is definitely in with a shout. And what if he doesn't win? Does it really matter!?! Everyone knows this lad is putting out some of the best skateboarding on planet earth right now; that alone should be reward enough.