Volcom's 'Terminal Tourist'

Posted by Route One on 7th June 2018

Let's be fair, most of us aren't ever gonna get the chance to skate in South America. Barcelona and Berlin are only eighty quid and ninety minutes away and, even if we did have the money, chances are we'd be hitting up the hills of SF or the marble of China way before we decided to roll our chances "south of the border." However, the Volcom team aren't "most of us" and they have indeed recently just toured various countries of the Americas and this clip proves it! 

Meeting up with various members of the Volcom South America team, Louie, Grant, Pedro, Collin & Milton set about exactly the kind of brutal destruction of raw and rugged concrete you'd expect. Though the street spots are about as far removed from that perfect Chinese marble we mentioned earlier as you can get, there's a definite charm about the architecture the lads are shredding and the gruff exterior certainly lends itself to looking sick on camera!

Clocking in at over eleven minutes and released through Thrasher, you certainly get your money's worth with this one. We're also reminded that there are still plenty of un-rinsed resources when it comes to skating this planet of ours; maybe the thought of visiting the that part of the southern hemisphere for a skate trip isn't so daft after all...