Water Boarding with Josh Hawkins

Posted by Route One on 6th July 2016

Though on the face of it skateboarding and water don’t mix, there have been numerous instances over the years where the meeting of urethane and H2O has produced  seminal results that stick out in the memory years, sometimes decades, later.

From Duffy’s backlip in ‘Questionable’ to Sean Young’s unbeatable hillbomb in ‘Fucktards’ (pushing downhill no less!) via Daewon’s waxed  waterfall tailslide in ‘Round 3’, people have eschewed common belief and taken their boards out into the wet and come back victorious, if a little damp!

Now you can add Josh Hawkins to that list; the young man from Glendale, Arizona has defied convention and blasted his way through numerous puddles and endless wet conditions to produce this amazingly fun clip, re-released by the Skateboard Mag.

And, whilst we don’t recommend it for the sake of your bearings, there a lot to be said for throwing caution to the wind and just going out for a roll whatever the weather; let’s be fair, it’s not as if we aren’t getting our fair share of precipitation this summer!