We Blew It At Some Point

Posted by Route One on 30th August 2018

This time last week pretty much all the talk in the skate world revolved around the newly premiered Polar video 'We Blew It At Some Point.' Showings in skate shops all over the planet were taking place and conversations the length and breadth of the industry were abound; does Pontus still have it? How much of a beast is Nick Boserio? Who did Oski sell his soul to to do that nose blunt? 

Yet, for us mere mortals unable to make it to a national premiere or even a regional showing, we could only fathom a guess about what gems were contained within. Then came Oski's trick on iInsta, followed by whispers of pirate copies and gentlemen's website hostings; this was getting too big for Pontus to hold back. So, low and behold, he's decided not to hold it back any more! Yep, Polar have officially released their latest full length on Youtube and we're as thrilled as you are to be able to watch it right now (without giving ourselves a rather suspect browser history; we could do without the inevitable explaining visiting those kind of websites would bring!).

The video itself is obviously as entertaining and as watchable as you'd expect. The nods to H-Street remain, Boserio pummels the concrete beneath his feet (taking some interesting lines and gnarly scenarios along the way) and Oski's trick looks even better in full HD! 

It's often said that full length videos are a thing of the past, yet here we are again, singing the praises of another and the popularity shows no sign of waning. How could it though, when the skateboarding on show is this bloomin' good!?!