Zach Lyons 'Lake Trout'

Posted by Route One on 7th February 2018

Back in 2006 Zach Lyons seemed a safe bet to become one of the biggest names in all of skateboarding. Hooked up through DGK and the talk of the industry due to his stand out part in Chris Hall's 'Get Familiar' - it was as though the young lad from Maryland had the entire world at his feet.

Then, despite regular appearances for Organika, followed by a move to high profile French brand Magenta, the most promising of careers never really seemed to go anywhere and certainly not as stratospheric as everybody around in those days expected.

Well, regardless of how his career goals panned out, we're thrilled to report Zack is still out there killing it and this brand new part, courtesy of the always amazing Josh Stewart, contains that same bendy legged, highly creative approach so many of us fell in love with back in the day.

 Click play then check out the lad's back catalogue if you haven't seen him before; his 'Get Familiar' part really is something else!