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Our Footprint
Our Footprint
Oct 2023 by Route One

Sustainability at Route One is an ongoing process, and one that can never be complete as every product we sell uses natural resources and comes with an environmental cost. However, we know that we have a big responsibility to our community, our planet and ourselves, to acknowledge our footprint and improve as a business. Therefore, we’re making small steps each season to lessen our impact and find a more sustainable route forward. We’ve only got one shot at protecting our planet, and we’re all in it together. 

Solar Roof

We know we’ve got to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels if we want to curb climate change, so we’ve been running on 100% renewable energy across all our stores, head office and warehouse since 2021.
In 2023, we went a step further and put an insulated roof on our Head Office Warehouse and installed 319 solar-panels, to substantially improve our energy-efficiency, as well as producing surplus renewable energy that gets fed back into the grid, helping more people to move away from fossil fuels.



A large chunk of our business emissions come from the transportation of our products from our warehouse in the Southwest of England to our customers, which is why we’ve chosen DPD as our courier service.
DPD are widely praised for their sustainability commitments, primarily for the electrification of their fleet and use of alternative fuels like Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. Currently, 61% of their fleet use HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil).
Find out more about DPD’s green commitments here 


Giving 1% back to the Planet

Since 2022, We have pledged to donate 1% of our total Route One Collections annual sales to support environmental organisations working hard to ensure that our planet and future generations thrive. It’s like paying rent to the planet in return for the resources we use and whilst 1% might not sound like a lot, when we all do it, it adds up.


Read more here

Our 2022 Environmental Partners

Make Life Skate Life

Make Life Skate Life is a charity based in Brussels that builds skateparks in underprivileged communities around the world. We’re proud to help them to bring the positive benefits of skateboarding to those who need it most. As well as monetary support, we send decks and protective gear for use in the parks.

Find out more about their projects here.


The Environmental Justice Foundation

The Environmental Justice Foundation works with and for those on the frontlines of environmental destruction to investigate, document, and expose environmental and human rights abuses. At their core is a simple but powerful belief: we all depend on the natural environment for our livelihoods and well-being, and environmental security is a fundamental human right.
Find out more here


One Tree Planted

In 2022 we planted over 6000 trees in the UK with One Tree Planted. We know the skateboards we sell use wood, so we decided to plant a tree for every Route One deck sold to replace an estimated 60 times what would have been used in their production.
Find out more here

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