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  • By Route One
  • ARCH1VE Archive

Introducing ARCH1VE, a collation of all previous sneaker styles launched through Route One. With photographs and in-depth analysis of sneakers dating back to 2013, ARCH1VE looks to become the number one resource for the modern sneaker head. From current releases like the ‘Passport’ Dunk High to fan favourites like the ‘4/20 Dog Walker’ Dunk and everything in between, ARCH1VE is a treasure trove for streetwear enthusiasts.

The ARCH1VE will also become the central hub for all upcoming sneaker launches, so be sure to follow our social media channels to stay in the loop for those all-important drops. In celebration of the inauguration of the ARCH1VE, let’s look back at a few of our favourite launches…

The ‘Chunky Dunky’

Since its inception, the Chunky Dunky has staked its claim as one of the most coveted of modern Dunks - In collaboration with Vermont-based ice cream powerhouses Ben & Jerry’s, this statement shoe certainly has flavour. Taking inspiration from the beloved ‘Chunky Monkey’ style ice cream, the Chunky Dunky features a bold green outsole and a blue and green leather upper, blanketed by faux cowhide; this combination emulates the iconic countryside look found on a Ben & Jerry’s pot, with further detailing on the heel panel to resemble clouds. The unique ‘melting’ effect yellow swoosh solidifies the ‘Chunky Monkey’ look, whilst the tie-dye inner encapsulates the essence of the Ben & Jerry’s brand; pure, unrestricted fun. 

The ’Civilist’

At first glance the Civilist Dunk Low may look like an unassuming black leather offering, but this esteemed pair of sneakers hide a secret beneath the surface… This is the third collaboration between Nike SB and the revered Berlin-based skate shop, and the second time they have worked together on a Dunk model, but the Civilist Dunk features a unique twist; utilising thermochromic technology, this incandescent crep changes colour when exposed to heat. Galvanized by Berlin’s underground techno scene during the ‘80s, striking yellows, reds and greens begin to permeate the surface as the shoe is worn, just as a club heats up into the night.

The ‘Grateful Dead’  

A wildly unpredictable union, this Dunk is the result of the marrying of Nike SB and the seminal American rock band, Grateful Dead. Known to transcend genre, Grateful Dead incorporated elements of folk, blues, country, acid, and psychedelic rock into their music, and this kind of experimentation has percolated into their Dunk offering. Originally releasing in a threesome of vivid and vibrant colourways (Orange, yellow, and green), the Grateful Dead Dunk sports a frayed faux-fur and suede upper that is intersected by a jagged-edged swoosh in reference to the band’s lovable mascot, the dancing bear.

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