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Ariana Spencer 'Pilot'

Jan 2022 by Route One

With the fabulous combination of roof drops, fast plants and American college rock, this break out part for Foundation Skateboards' Ariana Spencer is the perfect homage to that classic 90's vibe.

Serving as equal parts footage dump and a thanks to éS Footwear (she recently jumped ship to join the Converse Cons programme), the pastiche is made all the more enjoyable by steller VX work and time appropriate animated B-roll.

Now what this means for the keenly awaited Foundation follow up to 'Star & Moon' we don't know. Initially slated for release this month, it now looks like it could be well into the spring before we get to see more from the Chicago born ripper but never mind, with 'Pilot' there is more than enough to keep us entertained in the meantime!

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