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Bastien Salabanzi for FILM Trucks

Jan 2022 by Route One

This first month of 2022 is like a proper early 00's revival! First up there was PJ, now here's your boy Bastien dropping some brand new footage for FILM Trucks - it's like the last 18 years never happened!

But of course they did and that flash little boy "originally from the Congo... that may be as good as one Tom Penny" is now a grown-ass man. And whilst the self cheering and bravado have certainly waned, replaced by fatherhood and a penchant for playing the guitar, his legendary board control still remains.

Keeping it strictly business, Bastien reps FILM trucks hard (Europe's only truck brand we'll have you know!) and knocks out more than a few legit street manoeuvres. At 36 years old you really can't fault the lad!

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