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AYC 'Tokyo Slaps'
AYC 'Tokyo Slaps'
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AYC 'Tokyo Slaps'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
The illustrious Asphalt Yacht Club team set upon the neon lit streetscapes of Tokyo, to embark on some of the most interesting and mouth watering spots the city, and most likely planet Earth has to offer. 
With ever changing architecture Tokyo, which is famous for its instantly recognisable iconic design, perfectly grinding marble or metal ledges and towering city skylines, it's the idealic destination for the skateboarding types. And with the likes of Al Davis, Aaron 'Jaws' Hamoki and Riley Hawk you're pretty much guaranteed every spot you stumble upon will get utterly destroyed. As you all may have seen from our instagram, classic Jaws leaping over and off of the highest thing he can find, then bumping straight in to Tommy Hilfiger! 
From what we've seen from the recently formed clothing brand AYC is ever changing and evolving, whether it's the team, to the aesthetic direction of the brand. And so it's good to see it has taken a more solid form now the company has organically molded in to what it is today. 
Watch the onslaught of Japans skate spots below.

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