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Ben Raybourn Push
Ben Raybourn Push
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Ben Raybourn Push

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

This latest series from the guys over at The Berrics takes a number of well-known faces from the world of skateboarding back to their roots to tell the stories that shaped them into the rippers they are today.

First up is Texas’ pint sized transition destroyer and Birdhouse Skateboards' resident spectacle wearing shredder Ben Raybourn. Focusing on the folk that guided him, the local park and the help of a loving family, Ben tells you how a tiny kid from the middle of nowhere came to be one of the most respected transition riders in the game today.

Luan Oliveira, Trevor Colden and Cody Cepeda all have had their episodes air since the release of Ben’s – Luan’s in particular is both humbling and inspiring in equal measure. Make sure you’re comfortable for these as it’s gonna take you quite some time to work through ‘em all and you aren’t going to want to miss a second…

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