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Brian Delatorre and Dolan Stearns: The Route One Interview
Brian Delatorre and Dolan Stearns: The Route One Interview
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Brian Delatorre and Dolan Stearns: The Route One Interview

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  • By Route One
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What do Dolan Stearns and Brian Delatorre have in common? Well, on the basis of this interview not right much! We jest of course, these good friends regularly travel together and share coveted spots on the illustrious Brixton roster. But it does seem that that, when it comes to their creative endeavours at least, their is more that separates than binds them.

But maybe that's exactly what made their joint Brixton backed show 'Public Service Announcement' work so well. How often do you see the beautiful mundanity of ad hoc photography juxtaposed against surreal illustration, all the while enjoying a beer and talk of skateboarding proficiency? Not too regularly we hazard to guess! But's that's exactly what their art show last month managed to achieve so we had to sit down with the lads to get their take on proceedings.

Brian, seemingly the more boisterous of the two, leads the way and his humble self deprecating nature makes us even bigger fans than before. And Dolan's tongue in cheek bravado matches his on board persona so perfectly it's almost impossible to not fall for the pairing's charms. 

The interview may be a short and sweet one but sometimes that's all you need. And, though the show itself has long since packed up and moved on, we implore you to check out both the lad's work. Skateboarding indeed cultivates multi-talented creative types and these two are archetypal renaissance men of dictionary definition standard. 




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