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Joslin 'Unstoppable'

Sep 2018 by Route One

Though he spoke about it in our interview last month, we have to admit we were getting a little worried and had considered the possibility that this may not be coming. We really shouldn't have feared; if any one person could be expected to be trusted to not be making 'claims direct' it's the unstoppable force that is Chris Joslin, so we really oughta apologise for ever doubting the lad - nobody comes correct like our mate Chris!

Though it's mere months since the release of Etnies 'Album,' and the 12 minute part that rocked the entire world, young Joslin has stepped it up yet again to celebrate the launch of his very first pro shoe with a part that will leave you questioning what is actually possible on a skateboard. Captured by the unfaltering hands of British filming god Mike Manzoori, Chris once again pushes the boundaries of what is considered feasible, but not necessarily in the way you'd expect.

Paired with the perfect musical accompaniment of classic Bowie, Chris proves once and for all that he can do way more than just jump. What you'll likely assume to be opening lines of stylish switch tech (and we mean tech; proper, legit ledge madness on show here, not just a token switch flip back tail) just keep on going. It soon becomes apparent that this is not lemming Joslin, but a more mature and considered beast. Here is a man in complete control of his board in the tightest of surroundings and it's safe to say that barely a handful of stairs appear throughout the entire duration. But does that mean the part is lacking? Far from it...

This is certainly the most considered visual offering from one of the brightest talents in the world today and illustrates the progression of a man at the top of his game. Fans of OG Joslin and his monster gaps may feel hard done to on first viewing, subsequent watches will enlighten with the most beautiful of technical subtleties few will be unable to garner joy from. Best Joslin part ever?  It just might be.



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