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Chris Jones
Chris Jones "Print" Interview For Free Mag
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Chris Jones "Print" Interview For Free Mag

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • chris jones interview for free mag print

Ok, the term "print" isn't exactly true as you're not going to be receiving this to read in a tangible form but, in a world where the majority of online content is either offered as a video or audio file for your consumption, it's refreshing to see that people are still willing to write (and, by the same token, willing to read) the words and opinions of the skateboarders we place on pedestals for our entertainment.


Obviously Chris Jones' stock has risen exponentially over recent years, helped not least by his addition to the Isle roster and his seemingly symbiotic relationship with skate film maker extraordinaire Jacob Harris. It's no secret that the Welshman's talents have been a driving force behind the success of the amazing 'Atlantic Drift' series, so it's great to hear from the man himself the origins of his love for skateboarding and everything else that matters to him today.


With photography from the world renowned Sam Ashley and text from Kingpin alumni Arthur Derrien, this is perfect commute or break time fodder. So get yourself comfy and pretend you're back in the late 90's as this a written interview that is very much deserving of your time!

Check it out here.

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