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Vans 'Spinning Away'
Vans 'Spinning Away'
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Vans 'Spinning Away'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • skate spinning away vans

Well blow us down if the Easter bunny didn't out do himself this year! Stepping it up from a £1 Cadbury's Buttons spesh (or a fancy pants Lindt one if you're a bit posh), in 2018 he's dropped an absolute pearler in the shape of this brand new 20 minute Vans video. Honestly, we don't know what he can do in twelve months' time to top this, as its about as perfect as it gets!


Seriously, we're kinda struggling for words here because this video is really the kind of piece we should be paying for, then being super stoked that it's amazing and worth every penny. The fact that something this good (both in terms of skating and production) is available for free, even in this day and age, is kind of unbelievable.

Opening up with Tyson Peterson's insane handrail approach (this kid has balance from a whole other plain) before dropping a full K-Walks part, the first eight or so minutes have us proper sold. Add in Dollin being the best professional drunk skater the world will ever know, a snippet of Rowley, Dan Lu and more, before closing with the mesmerising skills of Chima Ferguson, this is pretty much perfect from start to finish. 

And that's it, we've got nowt else to say about this really other than thanks to Vans for making it (and the Easter bunny for sacking off the chocolate this time around); Vans let their rider's skating do the talking so we're gonna shut up and let 'em do the same...

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