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Chris Joslin: The Route One Interview
Chris Joslin: The Route One Interview
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Chris Joslin: The Route One Interview

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It's finally here! After catching numerous whispers last summer and then a social media onslaught that culminated in those clips of Chris Joslin tearing up South bank on a cold spring evening, Etnies first full length in 23 years has dropped at last.

Obviously the video is insane; filmed and edited by the legendary Mike Manzoori you'd expect nothing less! New Plan B pro Trevor McClung opens proceedings before Matt Berger showcases quite possibly the greatest frontside nose slide you'll ever see. Sheckler shares a part, Barney Page flies the flag for England and then Joslin shuts the show down with the gnarliest 12 minutes of skateboarding ever captured in film. Honestly, we can't remember a video part that elicited as many ooh's, ooft's and ah's at a premiere ever; such is the level of insanity!

Given we're pretty much best mates with the guys over at Sole Tech we were given exclusive access to interview the stars of the video. It was an absolute no brainer for us to ask to have a chat with Joslin; skate stardom doesn't get any bigger than him right now and we had to hear what he had to say! As we've talked before it wasn't long before we were conversing like old friends and we're pretty chuffed to say this is almost certainly Chris' most open interview to date.

Discussing everything from attempting to tre flip El Toro to the first 18 months of his daughter's life, Chris doesn't hold back. We're always proud to showcase our interviews with the stars but this one really is special and we're sure you'll agree!

The video is out and available to buy on DVD now and Chris's back story of the trials and tribulations of its making can be watched below. Get on it now as this lad is about to go down in history!

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