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Riddles in B Roll

May 2018 by Route One

If you can get past the seizure inducing editing there's some gold to be found in this B Roll release form Transworld's 'Riddles in Mathematics' contributory filmer Yoan Tallindier.  

Filmed in Bordeaux and Paris in late 2016, the video was primarily produced by TWS in house staff member Chris Thiessen, with Yoan coming on board to add his signature 8mm skills into the mix. Yoan also knows his way around a VX so the clip we see today is a collection of everything he captured through both mediums during those missions. 

Featuring plenty of ad hoc back street shredding from king skidder Leo Valls, Magenta team mate and Florida connection Ben Gore, AWS' NYC native Yaje Popson and a fine selection of locals, this is skateboarding captured as it happens. No permits, no lighting rigs and no $100k cameras; just a bunch of guys cruising some of France's more skate friendly cities and knocking out some radness on whatever they come across. It's a classic recipe and, as this video proves yet again, one you really can't go wrong with!

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