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Dane Burman 'Hope To Die' Part

Oct 2020 by Route One
You know where you are with a Zero video. You're getting VX, cuts on the beat and music that was made with instruments, not a mac and autotune. Jamie runs his business the traditional way and his media is no different; he knows his target aesthetic and his riders trust him to make them look gnarly. Not that it's too hard to make Dane Burman look gnarly, the lad is a full blown beast!
It's a good few years now since Dane cemented himself in the annals of skate history with that Philly 5050 in Cold War - and at 33 you'd be forgiven for thinking it was perhaps time for him to turn his attention to banks, kerbs and mini ramps - but they breed 'em tough down under and Dane proves  yet again that he has what it takes to step to uncharted territory and comes correct with this all out assault to the senses.
There's a roof to roof tre he doesn't make that is better than 99% of tre flips landed this year, a kinked bluntslide that really ought to be impossible and an NBD ender which (we think) is the Staple Centre behemoth Rowley has spoken about at length.  It's four minutes and 41 seconds of proper Zero skateboarding and soundtracked by Orville Peck - you can't ask for much more than that!

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