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Death Lens - Fisheye for your iPhone

Aug 2014 by Route One

Now you can make your very own skate or shred edits, anytime, anywhere with just your iPhone. The latest iPhone accessory comes in the form of the ultimate filming and photograph feature, the 'Death Lens'.

These surprisingly affordable lenses produce incredible results, with a crazy field of view and clarity, its pretty much impossible to tell the footage came from a phone!

They offer two lens models, the Wide Angle and the Fisheye (Ultra Wide Angle) each made compatible for all modern iPhones, 4/4s, 5/5s and 5c all available online now. The Wide Angle versions offers a largely extended field of view, whilst the Fisheye lens is so wide you can almost see behind the lens, matching that of the original 'death lens' on the Century Optics MK1, used widely through out skate and snowboard films.

With available third party filming and editing apps you can capture stunning HD footage, with the ease of filming on your phone.

Each lens comes fully complete with chosen lens, lens cap and bag to keep safe when not in use, plus a hard case providing perfect protection to your iPhone when filming in the streets or on the hill, which the lens screws securely too when in use.

Shot using the Ultra Wide Angle (Fisheye) Lens:

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