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Death Skateboards TV 'Urbside'
Death Skateboards TV 'Urbside'
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Death Skateboards TV 'Urbside'

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  • By Route One
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Remember when Death Skateboards was at the top of its game and the boys were properly killing it? You do realise nothing has actually changed! 

Blueprint may well have turned into a short lived Canadian Stoner brand and then disappeared without a trace, Unabomber may be little more than a distant Ben Grove memory and The Harmony? Well, who the hell knows what actually happened to the Harmony!?!

But Death Skateboards remains; a mainstay in British Skateboarding for over two decades and not changing for any trend, no matter how tempting the idea of cashing in on short lived fads may be. Their latest video is available to purchase but that's not what we're here to tell you about right now. No, Death recently did what it's always done best (just be a group of daft mates that love skateboarding) and visited Urbside DIY for three days of BBQ's and skateboarding. And while they were there they filmed the whole thing; that's what we're here to tell you about.

The video is linked below for you to watch and it's rad. Truth be told it makes us want to go skate with our mates right now; what more could you really want? Press play and remind yourself that Death is still at the top of its game and the boys are properly killing it!

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