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Cover Version

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  • By Route One
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Dan Magee and Kevin Parrott's "2.5 years in the making" independent project 'Cover Version' is finally live and whether you've been entertained or mortally offended by the hype building Blips insta account, there's no denying this is the best British skateboard production in a very, very long time.

Shying away from the Palace and Isle teams so symbolic with current era London skateboarding, Kev and Dan pulled together a crew of such phenomenally talented UK based rippers it's hard to even fathom how something this good wasn't made with the purpose of selling an actual product.

Opening with a simple yet poignant tribute to the late Ben Raemers, Charlie Munroe takes the proverbial bull by the horns and drops easily best footage to date. A shared section from Zach Riley and Sam Murgatroyd follows, as do parts from Jak Pietryga, Conor Charleson and Manny Lopez, all of which entertain.

Then comes Korahn Gayle and Harry Lintell. You know Korahn and Harry are good, that goes without saying. Just how good though hasn't really been translated to tape properly before but thankfully that's not the case any more. These two, guided and enabled by the twin talents of Kev and Dan, have managed to produce sections that cement them alongside the very best in contemporary skate culture. And that's not hyperbolic to say so; these parts are both really that good.

It's a trite for a commentator to write "we could wax lyrical about this all night long" but that's a statement that really does ring true here; an endless list of superlatives could be reeled off expressing just now magnificent the end two sections of Cover Version are and we'd still not fully paint a picture of how good this is. The only way you're going to understand that is by watching it yourselves, so we suggest you do that right now.

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