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Dennis Busenitz: The Route One Interview

Aug 2021 by Route One

When Dennis Busenitz burst onto the scene, back in 2001's seminal VHS release Real to Reel, he was the exception to the rule. An era when the handrail kid reigned supreme, Dennis was the renaissance man producing high speed lines married with powerful technical skateboarding. He stood out then and, twenty years later, he stands out now.

Celebrating 15 years of professionally representing one of the biggest brands on the planet, it's safe to say Dennis Busenitz IS adidas skateboarding. So when we heard his anniversary was being marked with the release of a brand new shoe we simply had to sit down with him again and ask him all about it!

Often seen as a closed book, Dennis talks freely about spending time at home during Covid, his interest in ledge building, Chewy Cannon's grip tape problems in China and everything three stripe related. Whether you're a fan of the brand, the man's skateboarding or both, this really is essential viewing!

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