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Frank Stephen's 'Are You Alright?'
Frank Stephen's 'Are You Alright?'
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Frank Stephen's 'Are You Alright?'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

We reckon the titling of this brilliant collection of rarely seen Frank Stephens footage must come from the truly sickening slam that plays at both the start and end of the clip; it'd be easy to see such a tumble breaking the hip of a lesser man, such is the power of his fall.

Aside from bone crunching cock ups, this really is a splendid little clip. East Anglian ripper is a UK legend for very good reason; his late 90's / early 00's Unabomber footage is still better than anything the current breed of UK pro's put out and at nearly 40 he's continuously able to wow on a board. His signature back threes are as sexy as ever and the man is old enough to be a Grandad!

As mentioned previously, this is a collection of random footage so there are pieces dating back over a decade. It's the blatantly recent stuff however which is the most impressive - after his ill-fated tenure with Cliché Frank was obviously jaded with skateboarding as a whole. Now though he's definitely back in love with it and it really shows - we doubt you'll find a more stoke inducing clip than this one all week!

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