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Herman on the 9 Club

Dec 2018 by Route One

After a relatively underwhelming few weeks (sorry fans of Adrian Lopez, Chris Ray and Spencer Hamilton) Chris, Rog and Kelly seem to have found their guest mojo again with this week's edition, featuring the one and only Bryan Herman.

Straight outta Victorville, Baker Pro Bryan seemed destined for skate immortality right from those early 'This Is Skateboarding' days and whilst that time in the Emerica mansion obviously stood him in good stead it's undoubtedly his unabashed skate-rat attitude that has seen him grow into one of those names that is completely unf*ckwithable.

Nine Club interviews could never be accused of being puff pieces or quick to gloss over certain aspects of a guest's life and, as you would hope, Bryan talks candidly for nearly three hours, covering all seminal moments that have led to him being the utter ruler he is today. Click play to hear from a certified GOAT.



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