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James Grindley 'Reminisce on This'
James Grindley 'Reminisce on This'
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James Grindley 'Reminisce on This'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

No pensioners were harmed or pushed into the Med during the making of this... Well, maybe one but we don't know the full back story so we'll maintain the right to not pass judgement! Regardless of online whispers, Norwich local and comp killing machine James Grindley came out with a belter of a part on Monday (to celebrate the anniversary of his birth) and we've decided it's more than worthy of sharing with you!

Featuring plenty of static and 'Dad-cam' angles, it would be easy to consider this "realistic and relate-able." Though that may be the case in terms of production value it certainly isn't when it comes to skating; as anyone who has witnessed the lad in the flesh knows, Grindley is a tech-skating machine!

Kicking off with skate park Lip Slide combos then moving out into the raw streets, the big t-shirted beast from Norfolk lays barrage to a wide ranging selection of terrain in the most technical way imaginable - YouTube heroes aren't going to know what to do with themselves after seeing this, James just stole their entire shtick and made it gnarly. Click play for the Big Flips!

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