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Kevin 'Spanky' Long: The Route One Interview
Kevin 'Spanky' Long: The Route One Interview
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Kevin 'Spanky' Long: The Route One Interview

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
Back in 2016, when we last had the opportunity to talk with him, fan favourite Kevin 'Spanky' Long had just returned to pro status and was deep into filming for Baker 4. As always, he was a pleasure to talk to and the resulting interview was one of our high points of the summer. Fast forward a few years and so much has changed we felt it only right to catch up with him do it all over again!
As has been the case for so many, the past twelve months have seen him and the family spend the vast majority of their time locked down due to Covid centric quarantine, but that doesn't mean there haven't been big milestones in his life. As well as the afore mentioned Baker 4, the intervening period has seen him create his fifth Emerica pro shoe, film numerous viral hammers for his Instagram account and welcome his daughter Louise into the world!
Thanks to the good folk at Sole Tech we were able to discuss the joys of fatherhood, look back at his 18 years with the brand (covering everything from 'This Is Skateboarding' right through to 'Green') and even get an exclusive hint about a brand new part in the works for Emerica - something we can all look forward to!
Click play now to hear all the latest from one of the nicest guys the ever do it.

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