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Les Blobys: Tsapof

Dec 2016 by Route One

A unsuccessful quick Googling and a failed attempt at linguistic translation rendered our search for the meaning on 'Tsapof' unfulfilled, so we guess we'll just have to believe it's one of those made up words with some sort of in-joke meaning.  Do you know what isn't a joke though? The insane abilities of the Parisian 'Blobys' squad!

Hadrien Buhannic captures the coolest guys in Christendom as they venture out from Republique, searching out the raddest of terrain the french capital has to offer. Euro disco and continental 'killing it' are the order of the day and if you're a fan of either you are surely in for a treat with this one.

The National Skateboard Co's Gregoire Cuadrado makes a nonchalantly hip appearance, as does everybody's favourite perma-scowler; the ever amazing Kevin Rodrigues. Regardless of his seemingly joyless demeanour, the lad really can hammer out a skate manoeuvre and the Polar Ripper rightfully commands the highest of respect from his legion of loyal fans. 


Click play to get both of these and more!

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